Wealth Management

To us wealth management is executed most effectively for clients when advanced planning, a focus on wealth enhancement, wealth protection and wealth transfer is married with asset management. The very foundation of wealth management is the ability to truly know and understand each of our clients. This means comprehending not just their financial goals and challenges, but who they truly are as people including their most important values and motivations. To determine our clients’ needs, we must comprehend the entire picture of their family wealth. This goes far beyond specific asset management or estate planning requirements and into the realm of our clients’ most important values, relationships and lifelong dreams. Once we truly understand our clients’ objectives and determine the appropriate means to helping them, we can then determine what the investment return demands are placed on their assets. That demand is married with how tolerant they are of variability of returns in their portfolio. When we put these two together, this forms the core of the investment plan. From there, we execute the strategic plan and continuously revisit this plan over time as we all encounter many factors that can alter our plans.

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